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Our Service

Southland Pavement Cleaning is committed to being your number one provider of cleaning and hauling services.

Each of our professionals is dedicated to providing better than on time performance to your detailed specifications.

And details make the difference.  Whether cleaning a new subdivision, providing regularly scheduled street washing or delivering emergency water supplies, you can count on Southland Pavement Cleaning to do the job right.

Each of our cleaning vehicles is equipped with equipment such as high pressure pumps and hoses to ensure complete detail cleaning—even drive way entrances and curbsides.

Southland Pavement  Cleaning services include:

Street Cleaning

Parking Lot Cleaning

Storm Drain Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

Landscape Watering

Dust Control

Pressure Washing

Swimming Pool Filling

Underground Storage Tank and Line Testing

Fill Plumbing for Leak Testing

Potable and Non Potable Water for Any Purpose

Dump Truck Hauling

Count on Southland Pavement Cleaning for all your cleaning and hauling needs.


 To contact us:


Phone: 704-938-1512
Fax: 704-938-1512

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